3 Great Features of Paint Net

Paint Net is an easy to use image editing tool. A few great features that are included in Paint Net are listed below. Paint Net is compatible with Windows operating systems only and is available for free for personal use.

1. User Friendly Interface

The best feature of Paint Net is its user friendly interface. The designers of Paint Net created the program so that you can begin using it without having to look at tutorials or read user guides. To make navigation easy, Paint Net uses a tabbed document interface that is very similar to what is being used in the latest web browsers.

2. Layers

Layers are typically only found in image editing tools that you have to pay for. If you are not familiar with layers, you are able to stack effects or images on top of each other with layers to form an amazing image. Simply put, layers are the foundation for rich image composition. A great way to use layers in Paint Net is to stack transparency slides on top of each other to form an image that can be viewed by the naked eye.

3. Powerful Image Editing Tools

Of course, the image editing tools that are included with Paint Net are what make Paint Net a great image editing tool. A few of the many powerful image editing tools that are included with Paint Net are the magic wand, the clone stamp and a simple text editor. Paint Net even comes with tools that will help you draw Bezier curves and splines with ease.