3 Great Features of Noise Ninja

Noise Ninja is a software program that is used to get rid of noise, or imperfections, on digital images. It can also work with images you have scanned to your computer. Here are some of the features of this program:

1. Corrects Problems Caused by High Speed Photography

If you are a photographer who likes to shoot lots of fast action like racing, football or other sports, then you need this program. Those events are sometimes shot in situations where the lighting is bad and that causes noise and grainy photos. This program will save your images and make them free of noise and grain.

2. Better Enlargements

Noise Ninja can take a photo that is low quality with lots of imperfections and make corrections so that you can print it as big as you like. It will end up looking fantastic and free of a grain and noise problems. This is especially true if the photo was captured with a low ISO shutter speed.

3. Easy to Use and Learn

The Noise Ninja program has default settings in case you are unsure how to correct noise problems in photos. Or, if you are more of an expert, you can tweak the settings to make your own version. Either way, it is not hard to learn or to use.