3 Great Features of Mask Pro

Mask Pro is a program that is made by onOne Software that is designed to remove unwanted backgrounds. Mask Pro works with 8 bit and 16 bit images and is compatible with Adobe Photoshop. Mask Pro is able to run on both Windows and Mac operating systems. A few great features of Mask Pro include:

1. Complete Collection of Masking Tools

Mask Pro comes with a complete collection of masking tools that you can use to remove unwanted backgrounds from your images. For example, you can use the Magic Brush in Mask Pro to remove colors from your image while still maintaining transparency. The Chisel tool in Mask Pro is designed to help you get the edges of your image perfect.

2. Masking without Halos

Have you ever tried to cut a subject out of the background of your image? If you have, then it is likely that a halo was created around the foreground subject in your photo because the background color was picked up. Mask Pro comes with state of the art decontamination technology that will prevent halos from appearing in any image that you remove a background from.

3. Real Time Masking Previews

The best feature of Mask Pro is real time masking previews. With over masking programs, you won't know what your end result will be until you have made the changes. With Mask Pro, you will see a preview of your image as you are removing the background, which is great for quality control.