3 Great Features of Magic Gallery

Magic Gallery is an online photo gallery creation program. You can also use Magic Gallery for basic photo editing. A few great features of Magic Gallery include:

1. Built-In FTP Support

The best feature of Magic Gallery is its built-in FTP support. The built-in FTP support that comes with Magic Gallery allows you to upload your photos to your online photo gallery or website directly from Magic Gallery. Simply enter your FTP address, username and password, and Magic Gallery will take care of the rest.

2. Built-in Editor

The built-in editor that comes with Magic Gallery allows you to edit the look and feel of your online photo gallery directly from Magic Gallery. You will probably notice that the editor looks similar to a toolbar that you would use in a word processing program. In addition to allowing you to change the font and font size of your photo gallery, the built-in editor also allows you to bold, italicize and underline text, center text and much more.

3. Watermarks

Have you had problems in the past with others stealing your photos? You can easily put a stop to that by using Magic Gallery. When you are using Magic Gallery, simply right click on any image and select Edit Watermark. You can then use a watermark that you have created in the past or you can create a watermark in Magic Gallery. You even get to decide where to place the watermark with Magic Gallery.