3 Great Features of Jpeg Imager

Jpeg Imager is a software program that you can use to edit your photos so that they can be transformed into the best version for use on the Internet. This program can also be used for making large prints and when downloading from a scanner or a digital camera (and importing those to your hard drive). Here are some of the features of this program:

1. Features an Editing Suite

You don’t need an additional program for editing your images if you use Jpeg Imager. It includes basic editing tools like being able to change the size, crop out unwanted parts of the image, get rid of grainy noise issues, add masks and filters, or change a color photo into a black and white photo.

2. Compresses Files Automatically

Jpeg Imager has an improved way of doing the compression of a file. It automatically looks over the file and chooses the best way to compress it so that you can use it in other situations. It adds its own markers in place of the old ones.

3. Works with Multiple Files

Jpeg Imager is capable of working on several photos at the same time, thus saving your precious time to do something else. It will also make sets of thumbnails so you can see in advance what your photos will look like.