3 Great Features of ISPQ

ISPQ is a free software program that lets you do online chatting, use your webcam to chat, and use instant message services. You can use this program along with a webcam to talk to many people who are already signed up with the program. Here are some of its features.

1. Video Chatting

ISPQ lets you either talk live to other users and use webcams, or there is an option to record a video message and send it to someone in the program. You can even use this option to email someone a video email or use it to take a still image of something and send that instead.

2. Gallery of Users

ISPQ has an online community where you can look through a listing of members and see pictures. This way, you know if you want to begin a relationship or talk with a particular person. All you have to do is login. Plus, you can make a profile of yourself and add it to the community.

3. High Resolution Talks

ISPQ can work with a real action style of face recognition, allowing it work at about 15 frames a second. This is basicaly half the speed of a commercial broadcasting program.