3 Great Features of iRemember

iRemember is an easy to use scrapbook creation program. The page layout and drag and drop features in iRemember make it easy for you to create scrapbook pages in no time at all. iRemember allows you to create any size scrapbook page that you want. iRemember is compatible with Mac operating systems only. Here are three great features of this program:

1. Page Layout Tools

The page layout tools in iRemember are designed to make scrapbooking easy for people of all ages. To move one of your images around, simply click on the hand tool and drag and drop the image to a new location. If you want to add text to your scrapbook page, simply select the text tool, click where you want a text box created, and start typing.

2. Drag & Drop

iRemember comes with an awesome drag & drop interface. For example, you can drag photos from other applications and drop them right onto the scrapbook page that you are working on. If you have created a shape using the shape tool, you can even drop an image directly into the shape. iRemember supports all popular image file formats, including PDF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF.

3. Inspector

iRemember comes with an inspector panel that allows you to fine tune your scrapbook page. You will see a shape category, which allows you to rotate shapes and apply shadows and strokes to shapes. The fill category in the inspector panel allows you to select a fill color and/or fill pattern for your page. There is even an image category that allows you to scale, rotate and adjust the opacity of the images on your page.