3 Great Features of FxFoto

FxFoto is one of the most popular and easy to use software programs when you want to edit and enhance your images. Unlike other programs, FxFoto is considered a complete but easy editing tool. Here are some of its main features that make it so popular and so useful for the average user:

1. Organizing

FxFoto allows you to scan, upload and organize your images in a hassle free way. It has scrolling folders where you can locate the images you have uploaded easily with small thumbnails that allow visual browsing.

2. Editing

Simple or more complicated tools allow you to improve and fix your images. You can remove red eye, fix over-exposed images and enhance dark photos. You can crop and clone your images. All basic (and more) tools are there. You can also add text, frames and other visual effects that improve the overall quality of the picture. There are 100 cutters, 3D effects and a list of effects you can add, such as Motion, Swirling, Pixelizing, Washing Out, and Black and White or Sepia.

3. Layout

FxFoto gives you the chance to get as creative as you want and make slide shows, collages, scrapbooks and posters. You can benefit from the numerous tools that help you create the layout you want in a snap. You can also choose among the vast variety of already-made templates and themes.