3 Great Features of FotoStation

FotoStation was designed to help those who work professionally with different digital assets. This program gives you command over everything, including grouping as well as organizing all of your digital assets in a manner that suits you. This program is powerful and makes use of excellent metadata capabilities that will help you to caption and sort, as well as retrieve, your files with consummate ease. Here are some great features of this program:

1. Find Images/Artwork

FotoStation makes the task of locating your artwork and images incredibly simple. It offers several features to help you locate your files, and its customizable interface makes it easy to set up an archive structure and workflow process that fits in perfectly with your needs. You can also tag your files with metadata to make your files easier to find.

2. Search Function

This program has an exciting Search function that makes it easy to create advanced queries to search for all or just certain parts of the metadata of a particular file. You can also sort your files based on the metadata content. This is made possible because FotoStation makes use of strong Data mining capabilities that are second to none.

3. Process Files

FotoStation provides users with timesaving crop and drop actions that can be integrated with Adobe, Microsoft and Quark. In other words, the program makes it easy to crop, resize and sharpen, as well as alter colors of images/graphics. This can be done automatically or manually. This program also has high speed editing.