3 Great Features of FotoCanvas

FotoCanvas, which is made by ACD Systems, is an easy-to-use photo editing program. FotoCanvas can handle everything from cropping photos to resizing photos to adjusting the brightness and contrast of photos. FotoCanvas even comes with an image thumbnail browser. This guideline will go over a few great features of FotoCanvas.

1. Batch Processing

One of the best features of FotoCanvas is batch processing. It can take you a lot of time to resize, crop or convert a high number of photos at a single time. The batch processing feature in FotoCanvas allows you to apply the same modifications to an unlimited number of photos with just a few clicks of your mouse.

2. Edit Task Panel

The edit task panel in FotoCanvas makes it easy for you to access all of the photo editing tools that you need to. FotoCanvas displays all available photo editing tools in the edit task panel. You can even customize the edit task panel in FotoCanvas by removing photo editing tools that you do not use on a regular basis.

3. Survey Window

If you have ever edited photos in the past, then you know that you typically need to zoom in on an image to make precise edits to the image. The survey window uses a marker to identify how much you have zoomed in on the image you are editing. You can move the survey window around in FotoCanvas so that it is not in your way while you are working, which is a nice feature.