3 Great Features of FocalPoint

FocalPoint, which is made by onOne Software, is a program that is designed to add blurs to your photos. This guideline will go over a few great features of FocalPoint, such as the focus bug, the blur algorithm and focus brush. FocalPoint is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Here are three great features of FocalPoint:

1. The Focus Bug

FocalPoint comes with a focus bug that makes it easy to apply blurs. To use the focus bug, simply click and drag your mouse to the location that you want the blur applied. You can then adjust the focus bug's legs to set the size and shape of the blur. To control how much blue is applied, you can adjust the antennae on the focus bug.

2. Blur Algorithm

FocalPoint comes with a blur algorithm that is able to create almost perfect lens blur. By replicating lens blur, your image will have a genuine out of focus look. The blur algorithm in FocalPoint even allows you to make depth of field changes to your image that make the image look like it was taken from an expensive digital camera.

3. Focus Brush

One of the best features of FocalPoint is the focus brush. The focus brush gives you precise control over where a blur is applied. If you want a blur applied to a small section of your photo only, you can use the focus brush to apply the blur by hand. You can even use the focus brush to make minor touch-ups on the lens blur that was created by using the focus bug.