3 Great Features of Coppermine Photo Gallery

Coppermine Photo Gallery is an integrated web photo gallery script. The script is written in PHP and can be used on any server database that has a MySQL backend. Coppermine Photo Gallery is available free of charge. You simply download the script, install it on your webspace, and start using it. Here are three great features of this program:

1. User Registration

Coppermine Photo Gallery allows for user registration, which enables you to create the ultimate web photo gallery sharing website. If enabled, users will be able to create a unique username and password for your photo gallery. You then have the option of giving registered users permission to upload photos to your gallery. You can even create private galleries that are only shared with select registered users with Coppermine Photo Gallery.

2. Easy to Use

You do not need to be familiar with coding to use Coppermine Photo Gallery. Coppermine Photo Gallery comes with an installer which makes it very easy to install. Simply upload the script to your database and Coppermine Photo Gallery will install itself on your webspace in no time at all.

3. Photo Uploading

Coppermine Photo Gallery makes it easy for both registered users and yourself to upload photos to Coppermine Photo Gallery. You can choose to upload photos to Coppermine Photo Gallery via a web interface or via FTP. As the administrator of your Coppermine Photo Gallery, you can even batch upload photos to Coppermine Photo Gallery, which is a huge time saver. All picture information that is associated with the photos that you upload to Coppermine Photo Gallery will be stored in your MySQL database.