3 Great Features of Artly There Compositor

Artly There Compositor is an easy-to-use image to art creator and image editor. Artly There Compositor can handle everything from creating images from scratch to enhancing images that you already have. Artly There Compositor is compatible with Mac operating systems only. There is a fully functioning 30 day trial of Artly There Compositor available, so you can try the program before you buy it. This guideline will provide you with a brief overview of a few of the many great features of Artly There Compositor.

1. Tools

The tools that are included with Artly There Compositor are what make the program so great. Artly There Compositor includes any and all tools that you will ever need to create the perfect image or to enhance an image that you have taken. A few of the many tools that are included with Artly There Compositor include crop, rotate, dodge, burn. sharpen, smear, blur and stamp.

To give you precise control when you are creating or enhancing images, you can use the lasso tool to select the portion of the image that needs to be edited. Artly There Compositor even comes with a type tool that you can use to apply text to any image. When using colors, you can use the pop-up color quick picker in Artly There Compositor to display a wide variety of available colors.

2. Windows and Palettes

Many image editing programs that are similar to Artly There Compositor can be very difficult to use. The reason for that is the fact that the tools and other features that you need to use are scattered all over the program. That is not the case with Artly There Compositor. Artly There Compositor comes with various windows and palettes that contain all of the tools that you need in one central location. For example, every single image editing tool that is included with Artly There Compositor can be found in the tool palette.

Other palettes that you will see in Artly There Compositor include the actions palette, selections palette, quick palette, brush control palette, color picker palette and info palette. To make zooming in on images easier, Artly There Compositor opens a separate window that you can use for zooming as well.

3. Filters

Artly There Compositor comes with a wide variety of filters that you can apply to the image that you are creating or enhancing. A few of those filters include the high pass filter, soften image filter, unsharp mask filter, inkage combo filter, aldo fresco combo filter and posterica combo filter. All of the filters that are available in Artly There Compositor can be found in the quick palette. Best of all, you can apply the filters to your image with a single click of your mouse.

Artly There Compositor is a non-destructive image editing program, which means the filters will be applied to a separate layer instead of the original image itself. If you don't like how a certain filter looks, simply delete that layer and try another.