3 Great Features of Akvis Retoucher

Akvis Retoucher is a software program that lets users get rid of imperfections and repair missing sections, stains and other problems with old or damaged images. Here is some of its features.

1. Improves Composition

Akvis Retoucher is able to improve your old pictures by changing the makeup or composition of them. It can get rid of annoying date stamps in the corner of an otherwise beautiful image and remove other things that you don’t want in the photo, such as a tree sticking out of your husband’s head.

2. Recreates Missing Parts of a Photo

If you have a beloved photo that you can’t replace, like an old picture of your parents that has holes in it, then this software can be used. The Akvis Retoucher can recreate that image and fill in the holes by intelligent design, which means it analyzes the surrounding area where the holes are and figures out the right colors and textures to fill in.

3. Works by Itself or with Other Photo Programs

Akvis Retoucher works great alone and can fix all sorts of issues without the need of another editing program. However, if you want to use it with another editing program, it can be used as a plug in for other software.