3 Great Features for Dfine

Dfine is a computer program used along with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperature to reduce noise in digital photos. Noise is just another way of saying unwanted features of a photo file like imperfections. Here are some of the features of Dfine.

1. Helps You Select What Noise You Want to Fix

The Dfine program has a selector option that lets you click onto the area of a photo to fix the imperfections. Using this feature, along with the Adobe programs, you can use, for instance, the brush feature of Photoshop and “brush” out a bad area of the photo you are correcting.

2. Works with Multiple Files at the Same Time

Using the Dfine program, you can save time and work on several files at the same time. Just pick the ones you want and open them. You can adjust them however you need and work on them all at once or one at a time; it is your choice.

3. Works with Filters in Photoshop

You can use a number of filters offered by Photoshop with the program. For example, if you have already applied some noise reduction (or another feature) and you are using Dfine along with Photoshop, you can still go back and adjust the dark and light in a black and white photo if needed.