3 Good Features of EvoCam

EvoCam, which is made by Evological, is an easy to use webcam program. It is only compatible with Mac operating systems. EvoCam is capable of publishing webcams with streaming video, recording video from cameras and servers, creating timelapse movies and much more. EvoCam supports most webcam brands, including Panasonic, Linksys, TRENDnet and Vivotek. Here are three good features of this program:

1. Easy to Use

One of the best features of EvoCam is the user friendly interface that comes with EvoCam. You will need a web server to use EvoCam. If you do not have a web server, you can take advantage of the built-in web server that comes with EvoCam. Once installed, simply input your FTP information into EvoCam and EvoCam will automatically capture video from your webcam and upload it to your web server so you can work with it at your convenience. EvoCam records video in one hour segments to keep the upload sizes small.

2. Camera Support

EvoCam is able to support multiple cameras at once, which is a great feature. EvoCam can even support multiple webcam windows at once and allows each webcam window to have its own settings. In addition to supporting most QuickTime-compatible cameras, EvoCam is also compatible with a wide array of video servers and network cameras.

3. Sharing Your Webcam

If you have a website, EvoCam allows you to share your webcam on your website. EvoCam comes with a Java webcam applet that you can install on your website. Once installed, your webcam will appear as an image on your website. You can even set a schedule to control when your webcam appears on your EvoCam.