3 Features of Lightmachine

Lightmachine is a program that you can use to make light adjustments in photos. If you have Adobe Photoshop, Lightmachine can be integrated directly into that program on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Lightmachine can also be used as a standalone application on Windows operating systems only. Here are three features of this program:

1. Algorithms

Lightmachine comes with state of the art algorithms that will simply blow your mind. The algorithms that are included with Lightmachine are designed to help you adjust the saturation, brightness and contrast of your photos. You can use the algorithms to adjust the entire photo or only a specific aspect of a photo.

2. Image Processing

Many programs that are similar to Lightmachine only support 8bit RGB images. In addition to supporting 8bit RGB images, Lightmachine also supports 16bit RGB images. Lightmachine even allows you to batch process both 8bit and 16bit RGB images with ease.

3. Lighting Adjustment Tools

Lightmachine comes with a wide selection of tools that you can use to adjust the lighting in your photos. In addition to coming with color enhancement tools, Lightmachine can also simulate virtual lighting. You can also use the tools that are included with Lightmachine to shadow or highlight specific portions of photos.