3 Features of Jpeg Enhancer

The Jpeg Enhancer solves the problem of image compression. Normally when a graphic image is stored as Jpeg (.jpg), it minimizes the information of the image so it can be saved with smaller data volume. Though perfect for saving disk space, image compression reduces the integrity of the data and the photo ends up with a blotchy look. Most digital cameras use JPEG as their default format which reduces the quality of the photos. The Jpeg Enhancer is a solution for that. Here are three features of this program:

1. Restores the Image

The Jpeg Enhancer is one of the few products on the market today that’s able to restore the data lost in compression. This upgrades the picture’s quality.

2. Removes the Damage

The best science-intensive technology allows the Jpeg enhancer to effectively remove the blotchy effects and artifacts. Unlike other graphic programs that simply blur the image, Jpeg Enhancer restores them to their original look before they were formatted to JPEG.

3. Easy and Fast

After downloading, the program is fairly simple to use for anyone, whether home users or image professionals. Created and continually upgraded by Vicman Sotware, the JPEG Enhancer’s ease of use and simplicity makes it a highly recommended program for design studios, web experts and publishers.