3 FAQs Regarding Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is powerful photo editing software for Windows operating system and is available for free. The software has a simple interface and most of the tools and features can be accessed from the main screen itself.

1. How Do I Install the Software?

The latest version of Photo Pos Pro should be downloaded from the official website and be online during the installation process. Previously this software was not a freeware and hence you might get a trial version. To remove the trial limitation and unlock your software, select the icon in the shape of a key, which is placed on the extreme right of the toolbar on the top of your screen. This will open an online form for registration. Fill in the required information and click OK. If you get a message which reads "Wrong details CSW" during registration, it means your firewall is blocking the process and so you need to enable this program in your firewall list or shut down the firewall during registration.

2. How Do I Associate Image Files with the Software?

Click on any of the image files to make a selection and then right click while pressing the Shift key. In the window that opens, click on Open With and select Photo Pos Pro from the software list. Click the "Always use this program option" and click OK. Repeat the steps for all the various image file formats you need to associate with the software.

3. What Do I Do When the Undo Function Does Not Work?

One of the most important functions during editing is Undo as it facilitates retracting your steps in the workflow. Sometimes this function does not work in this software and to fix this you need to open the directory where the software is stored. This will usually be in C:\Program Files\Photo Pos Pro. Find the file bearing the name "Memo_Info.log" and delete it. Initialize the software again and the Undo function should be now working.