3 Essential Features of Ultimate Paint

Ultimate Paint is an easy to use painting program. In addition to being a great painting program, Ultimate Paint is also capable of editing images. This guideline will go over a few essential features of Ultimate Paint. This program is available for Windows based computers only.

1. Photo Resizing

Ultimate Paint makes it easy for you to resize your photos. You can interactively resize photos in Ultimate Paint by simply clicking on the photo you are editing and dragging it until you are happy with its new size. For more precise photo resizing, Ultimate Paint allows you to adjust the width and height of your photos by entering numeric values in pixels.

2. Professional Quality Effects

One of the best features of Ultimate Paint is that it supplies over 100 professional quality effects that are included with the program. A few of the many effects that are included with Ultimate Paint are alpha, channel transform, noise and stylize. The vast majority of the effects in Ultimate Paint have an instant preview feature that allows you to see what the effect looks like before you apply it to your image.

3. Image Browser

Not only is Ultimate Paint an easy to use painting program and image editor, it is a great image browser. The image browser in Ultimate Paint allows you to quickly and easily browse through all of the images that you have on your computer. If you think you want to apply an effect to an image you are browsing in Ultimate Paint, the image browser allows you to preview the effect without actually opening the image in Ultimate Paint.