3 Essential Features of Flash Slideshow Maker

Flash Slideshow Maker is a program that allows you to create photo albums to display on your website. It is compatible with Windows operating systems only. A few of the essential features of Flash Slideshow Maker include:

1. User Friendly Interface

The interface in Flash Slideshow Maker allows you to create an awesome web photo slideshow in just three easy steps. Simply add photos to Flash Slideshow Maker, select a theme, and publish your slideshow album to the web. Flash Slideshow Maker features drag and drop technology that allows you to simply drag photos from anywhere on your computer and drop them straight into Flash Slideshow Maker.

2. Multiple Output Formats

Of course, Flash Slideshow Maker can upload your photo album slideshow directly to the web for you. However, Flash Slideshow Maker is also capable of burning your slideshow to a CD or DVD if your computer is properly equipped. Flash Slideshow Maker outputs slideshows in SWF, HTML and XML, which gives you the freedom to share your slideshow on popular social media websites, such as Facebook and Myspace, if you choose to.

3. Wide Variety of Themes

One of the best features of Flash Slideshow Maker is the themes that are included with the program. Flash Slideshow Maker comes with a total of over 100 stylish flash themes that you can use to create the ultimate photo album slideshow. Over 50 of the themes that are included are advanced themes, such as 3D flash themes and festival themes.