3 Cool Ways to Use TimeLapse

TimeLapse is an iPhone app that simulates the video technique that shares it's name. The timelapse effect is achieved when a camera is placed in a locked position and a frame is recorded at a much slower rate than what it's playback speed will be. You usually need a fairly high quality camcorder and computer program to create timelapse. But, thanks to the iTimeLapse app, all you need now is just an iPhone.

1. Summarizing Events

A timelapse sequence of an event is the perfect way to summarize it. Place the iPhone in a high position so that it can can see most of the action taking place. These sequences look really great when you include the set up and break down of the event.

2. Stop Motion

You can also use TimeLapse to create stop motion animations. All you need is a few inanimate objects and some patience. Move the object slightly, take a still, and then repeat. In the end you'll have a pretty cool animation on your phone that you can share with the world.

3. Driving Videos

If you could create a steady mount for the camera in your car's dashboard, then you can create some pretty cool driving videos. This is a great way to summarize a long road trip in 30 seconds.