3 Cool New Features of MagicEffect Photo Editor Software

All photographers use photo editor software. With the proliferation of digital cameras and camcorders, the MagicEffect Photo Editor Software is a great computer program that can enhance photos and images in simple and easy steps. Check out some of the latest cool features of the MagicEffect Photo Editor:

1. Edit and Enhance

The MagicEffect Photo Editor allows for easy editing of pictures. After editing, feel free to enhance your photo by selecting any of the 150 enchanting effects. For easy selection, browse through the 13 filter categories such as Sketch Filter, Light Filter, Dream Filter, Art Filter and many others.

2. Multi-Effects

With the newest version of the MagicEffect Photo Editor, you can apply multiple effects in just one photo. Create unique digital pictures by choosing the effects that can best go with them. Feel free and experiment with the filter effects before saving.

3. Extra Features

Now you can download this software easily from the site with no extra charge. Check out the wallpaper instant installation feature where you can instantly save your image as your wallpaper with just a click of your mouse.