3 Cool Features of Zoomify

Zoomify is a pan and zoom plug-in that is made by Image Folio. Zoomify is compatible with Commerce 4.x and ImageFolio Pro 4.x. Zoomify comes with a 15 day free trial so you can try the plug-in before you buy it. This guideline will provide a brief overview of a few cool features of Zoomify.

1. User Friendly Interface

One of the best features of Zoomify is its user friendly interface. Zoomify comes with a toolbar that you can use to pan and zoom images with just a single click of your mouse. Once you are done using Zoomify, simply click the toolbar toggle button to return to ImageFolio Pro or Commerce.

2. Easy to Install

Some plug-ins can be a pain to install. That is not the case with Zoomify. Simply download the program and unzip it using a popular compression program. You can then upload the contents of Zoomify directly to your ImageFolio Pro or Commerce directory.

3. No Limits

Many pan and zoom plug-ins that are similar to Zoomify only allow you to pan and zoom on images that are up to a specific file size or pixel dimension. Zoomify has no limits whatsoever, which means you can pan and zoom a 20 megabyte image file as fast as you can a 1 megabyte image file.