3 Cool Features of ProSelect

ProSelect, which is made by Time Exposure, is designed for professional portrait studios. Professional portrait studios can use ProSelect for presentation, sales and workflow. With ProSelect, there is no need to switch between different programs to manage your studio. ProSelect is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Here are three key features of this program:

1. Sales Features

To help display your photos, ProSelect allows you to create slideshows with music. ProSelect can be integrated with Adobe Photoshop for easy photo editing, as well. ProSelect comes with tools that can help you print at actual sizes and print on a room image. To help keep you organized, ProSelect also allows you to attach notes to orders, images, and layouts.

2. Ordering Features

ProSelect allows you to create up to 10 different price lists that your customers can view. ProSelect is capable of recording payments and adding on single and dual tax. One of the best ordering features of ProSelect is the fact that ProSelect allows for unlimited individual orders. ProSelect even allows you to apply discounts as a flat amount or as a percentage to the orders that you receive.

3. Workflow Features

ProSelect is designed to save you time, which will help save you money. ProSelect is capable of importing most popular image formats, including PSD, TIF and JPG. To help you organize your photos, ProSelect can sort your photos by capture time with a single click of your mouse. ProSelect also comes with a tool that allows you to apply copyright stamps to sample images or proofs that you have displayed in your studio.