3 Cool Features of PhotoStore

PhotoStore, which is made by Ktools, allows you to create a complete photo selling website. Within just a few minutes, PhotoStore will have your new online storefront set up on your server or hosting space. PhotoStore is great for both amateur and professional photographers, thanks to its user friendly interface. PhotoStore is compatible with any version of PHP that is 4.3 or higher. Here are three cool features of this program:

1. Selling Photos

PhotoStore allows you to sell photos, prints, zip files, videos, vector art and much more. You can sell images in a single size or you can sell the same image in different sizes with PhotoStore. PhotoStore comes with a built-in shopping cart and an ecommerce system that is capable of accepting and processing credit cards and check payments, too.

2. Administrative Tools

You are able to manage your storefront from any computer that has Internet access, which is a real time saver. The web based management area that is provided by PhotoStore allows you to update prices, media, news, orders and much more. PhotoStore will track any member that creates an account with your storefront and it will track member and overall sales.

3. Security

One of the best features of PhotoStore is its built-in security. PhotoStore allows you to create a watermark that you can apply to all of your photos for copyright purposes. PhotoStore will never display links to your photos, so you don't have to worry about others stealing your work. You can even create password protected galleries with PhotoStore that are only available to select customers.