3 Cool Features of PhotoMix

PhotoMix, which is made by the fCoder Group, is a program that you can use to create amazing digital scrapbooks and photo collages. PhotoMix is compatible with Windows operating systems only. If you are a beginner to digital scrapbooking and photo collage creation, PhotoMix provides free tutorials that you can view on the PhotoMix website. Here are three cool features of this program:

1. Free Templates

You will have access to a few templates when you purchase PhotoMix. However, you can download hundreds of additional templates for free directly from the PhotoMix website. Template categories that are available include Christmas, food, family, nature, teenages, weddings, birthdays and much more.

2. Graphics Kits

PhotoMix comes with a wide selection of graphics kits that you can use to personalize your photo collage or digital scrapbook. Some of the graphics kits that are available with PhotoMix include Thanksgiving, fall, tropical fishes and grandparents. PhotoMix also has additional graphics kits available on their website that you can purchase for a small fee.

3. Easy to Use

The best feature of PhotoMix is the fact that PhotoMix is easy to use. To get started, simply select a template from the main screen in PhotoMix. You can then begin making your digital scrapbook or photo collage by simply adding your own photos to the template.