3 Cool Features of PhotoFrame

PhotoFrame, which is made by onOne Software, is a program that allows you to apply the perfect finishing touches to any picture. In addition to helping you create full page layouts, PhotoFrame comes with frames, edges and textures that you can apply to your photos. PhotoFrame is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Here are three cool features of this program:

1. Adobe Photoshop Integration

PhotoFrame can be fully integrated with Adobe Photoshop, which allows you to create the ultimate photo editing machine. When you install PhotoFrame on your computer, a onOne Panel will be available in Adobe Photoshop. You will then be able to launch PhotoFrame directly from Adobe Photoshop without having to have both programs open in separate windows, which definitely decreases editing time.

2. Layers

One of the best features of PhotoFrame is unlimited layers. You can apply as many special effects to your images as you want, and you can even order them in the way that you want. By ordering the layers, you get to decide which layers should have the biggest impact on your photo. You can choose to have each frame rendered to its own layer in PhotoFrame, or you can apply frames as layer masks.

3. Design Element Collections

PhotoFrame comes standard with a plethora of design element collections. Whether you are looking to create full page layouts for a birthday or other special events, you will have no problem finding a design element. When you choose a design element in PhotoFrame, all of the images that you add to the layout will feature the same adornments, edges, frames, backgrounds and textures.