3 Cool Features of Photobie

Photobie is an easy to use image editor. You can use Photobie for anything from painting to capturing screens to browsing and animating images. One of the best features of Photobie is the fact that it is free. This guideline will go over a few of the many cool features of Photobie.

1. Advanced Color Adjustments

One of the best features of Photobie is advanced color adjustments. Photobie makes it easy for you to adjust the saturation, brightness and contrast of your photos. Photobie even allows you to swap RGB color channels and curves. You can even use Photobie to replace colors in the image you are editing with other colors.

2. Photo Image Browser

Not only is Photobie an easy to use image editor, but it is also a photo image browser. Photobie allows you to open a single image or a group of selected images with ease. You can even batch rotate and resize the images that you are viewing in Photobie. One of the coolest features of Photobie is the ability to create a full screen slide show out of the images you are viewing in the browser.

3. Scrapbooking Tools

Photobie even comes with tools that allow you to quickly and easily create a scrapbook. Photobie supports template design and editing, and customized brushes and embellishment. Photobie even comes with predesigned templates that allow you to swap in your photos for easy scrapbook creation. You can put images, clip art and much more in your digital scrapbook with Photobie.