3 Cool Features of Photo Explorer

Photo Explorer is an all-in-one photo management program that is made by Ulead. Photo Explorer is compatible with Windows operating systems only and a 30 day free trial of the program is available. Below you will find a brief overview of a few of the many cool features of Photo Explorer.

1. Easy Access Window

One of the best features of Photo Explorer is the easy access window. The easy access window will show you how to use all of the main functions of Photo Explorer, which is great for beginners. A few of the functions that the easy access window can show you how to use include photo editing, photo sharing and media downloads.

2. Automatic Camera Detection

Don't you just hate when your computer doesn't recognize your camera? It can be time consuming and frustrating to manually locate your camera. With Photo Explorer, simply open the program, connect the camera, and you will be able to easily download your photos to Photo Explorer.

3. Photo Editing

Photo Explorer comes with a wide array of photo editing tools that you can use to enhance your photos. A few of the photo editing tools that are included with Photo Explorer are color balance adjustments, crop and rotate. Photo Explorer even comes with special effects that you can apply to your photos.