3 Cool Features of Photo Essentials 3

Photo Essentials 3 is a program made by onOne Software that is designed to improve Adobe Photoshop Elements. By using Photo Essentials 3, you can replace unwanted backgrounds, enlarge pictures for poster sized prints, add professional looking effects and much more. Photo Essentials 3 works with Adobe Photoshop Elements versions 6 and up.

1. Enlarging Photos

If you have taken the perfect photo and you want to turn it into a poster, that is not a problem with Photo Essentials 3. Photo Essentials 3 allows you to increase the size of any image without losing the clarity, sharpness and detail of the photo.

2. Framing Photos

Photo Essentials 3 allows you to add film, borders and darkroom edge effects to your images. By using Photo Essentials 3, you can even make your images look like a magazine cover or greeting card. To create a unique look, you can also stack multiple frames on top of your images.

3. Professional Looking Effects

Photo Essentials 3 comes with over 40 effects that you can add to your images. A few of the effects that come with Photo Essentials 3 include sepia toning, cross processing and film techniques. Photo Essentials 3 is also capable of converting color images into black and white images.