3 Cool Features of KTools PhotoShow

KTools PhotoShow is a web based photo gallery creation program. You need to install KTools PhotoShow on your hosting space or server to use the program. Once installed, you can transform your website into a photo album website in just a few minutes. Being that KTools PhotoShow is web based, it can be used on Mac and Windows operating systems. Here are three cool features of this program:

1. Gallery Features

KTools PhotoShow allows you to display photos, video files, ZIP files and much more on your website. Once you have KTools PhotoShow up and running, the program will display all new photos, popular photos and featured photos on different areas of your website. KTools PhotoShow even comes with a ratings system that others can use to rate your photos on a scale of 1 to 5.

2. Membership Features

If you are looking to share your website with the public, you will love the membership features that come with KTools PhotoShow. If enabled, users are able to register an account on your website using their own unique username and password. Once users are registered, you can give them access to view private photo galleries. If you purchase an additional add-on, you can even allow registered users to upload photos to your photo gallery website.

3. Upload Features

The upload features that come with KTools PhotoShow make it easy for you to load new photos on your website. You can choose to use FTP to upload photos to your photo gallery website or you can log onto a website to upload new photos. KTools PhotoShow even comes with a bulk photo uploader, which is a huge time saver when compared to uploading individual photos.