3 Cool Features of Frame Explorer

Frame Explorer is a digital frame program that is made by Digital Light & Color. Frame Explorer comes with frames that you can apply to photos or you can create your own frames in Frame Explorer. Frame Explorer is compatible with computers that run a Windows operating system. Here are three cool features of this program:

1. Frame Styles and Colors

Frame Explorer comes with a wide selection of frame styles and colors that you can choose from. All of the frame styles that are included with Frame Explorer are professionally designed. Best of all, you can apply frame styles and colors to your photo with just a single click of your mouse.

2. Matting

Picking the correct matting for your photo can be a difficult task. With Frame Explorer, you can apply different types of matting to your photo so you can see how it would look. Frame Explorer supports single, double and triple matting. You can choose to go with no matting, too.

3. Simulated Displays

The purpose of Frame Explorer is to play around with different frame styles, frame colors and different types of matting before you frame your picture. To see how a framed photo would actually look in your house, Frame Explorer allows you to pick your actual wall color and Frame Explorer will even simulate display lighting for you.