3 Cool Features of FotoFix

FotoFix is an easy-to-use image editing service. With FotoFix, you submit your images to FotoFix and they will make the fixes that you ask for within 24 hours. FotoFix offers both basic and advanced services and can even turn your images to beautiful pieces of art.

1. Services Offered

FotoFix offers a wide array of photo editing services. Basic services that are offered by FotoFix include image crop, red eye removal and color correction. A few of the many advanced services that FotoFix offers are photo restoration, weight reduction, skin smoothing and blemish removal.

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed

You don't have to worry about wasting your money with FotoFix. When your image is fixed, you will be sent an email that shows the old image and the new image. If you are not happy with the fixes that were performed, simply send the photo back and FotoFix will continue to make fixes until you are completely satisfied with your new image.

3. Gifts and Prints

FotoFix doesn't only perform image editing services. FotoFix can also take your images and help you create posters, books, calendars and much more. FotoFix can even help you create a personalized gift, such as a photo mug or mouse pad.