3 Cool Features of Flashbox

Flashbox is an easy-to-use photo imaging tool that is made by Xaos Tools. Flashbox comes with professional special effects that you can use to create the perfect image. Flashbox is compatible with Windows operating systems only and a few cool features of Flashbox will be discussed below.

1. Included Effects

All of the special effects that are included with Flashbox are professionally designed. Different types of special effects that come standard with Flashbox include warping, flames, confetti and starbursts. Best of all, you can apply these special effects to your images with just a few clicks of your mouse.

2. Precise Control

One of the best features of Flashbox is the Spray-on tool. You can use the Spray-on tool to apply a special effect to only a specific aspect of your photo. If you aren't happy with how your image turned out, simply click the undo button and use the Spray-on tool to try again.

3. Built-in Templates

In addition to being a photo imaging tool, Flashbox is also a program that you can use to turn your photos into photo gifts. Flashbox comes with a wide array of templates for fliers, postcards, greeting cards, invitations and much more. Simply add your images to the templates and you're good to go.