3 Cool Features of DVD PixPlay

DVD PixPlay is an easy to use DVD photo slideshow creation program that is made by Xequte Software. DVD PixPlay allows you to take your favorite content, such as photos, videos, and audio, and create a DVD, PC or VCD slideshow out of it. DVD PixPlay is compatible with any Windows operating system that is newer than 98.

1. Adding Audio

Slideshows without any audio can be quite boring. DVD PixPlay allows you to take audio files and/or CD tracks and add them as background music to your slideshow. If you are creating a presentation, you can even record your own voice and add it as commentary to your slideshow. DVD PixPlay supports most audio files, such as WAV, MP3 and WMA.

2. Burning Options

One of the best features of DVD PixPlay is the burning options that are supported by the program. Not only can you burn your slideshows to CDs and DVDs, but you can also burn them to Blu-ray discs. If you disc is large enough, DVD PixPlay even allows you to burn multiple slideshows to a single disc. DVD PixPlay also comes with a tool that can convert PowerPoint presentations so you can play them back on DVDs.

3. Slideshow Sharing

Are you a social media fanatic? If so, DVD PixPlay makes it easy for you to share your slideshows with your friends and family on a couple of social media websites. DVD PixPlay provides integration for both Facebook and YouTube, which means you are able to upload your slideshow to those social media websites with only a few clicks of your mouse.