3 Cool Features of Digiphoto

Digiphoto is a web gallery creation program that is made by Wizard Software. To use Digiphoto, simply create your amazing digital photo web gallery in Digiphoto and upload it to your website. Digiphoto is compatible with Windows operating systems only and a free trial of the program is available. Here are three cool features of this program:

1. Easy to Use

Digiphoto makes it easy for you to create web galleries. The wizard in Digiphoto will guide you step by step through the four steps that are required to create your web gallery. Simply click New Project in Digiphoto, add your pictures, change any options, if needed, and create your gallery.

2. Complete Control

Digiphoto gives you complete control over your web gallery. You are able to configure your entire web gallery directly from the Galley Options tab in Digiphoto. Via that tab, you can customize your target folders, thumbnails, index page, images and images page. You can even set the name of your website up directly from Digiphoto.

3. FTP Upload

When you purchase Digiphoto, you will be given 25 megabytes of web space for free. If you don't have your own web space, use the included space to host your web gallery. You can then upload your web gallery via FTP to your website directly from Digiphoto.