3 Cool Bibble Editing Tools

Bibble is one of the most appreciated editing software packages. It incorporates both speed and efficiency and works well not only on high-end computers, but on older desktops and notebooks as well. Among the numerous applications Bibble features, a few editing tools have really attracted the attention of professionals. Here are some cool Bibble editing tools:

1. Noise Reduction

Users have complete control of the image’s exposure and can make accurate color corrections. White balance is also adjustable, but the most impressive tool remains the noise reduction tool. The used procedure is called “noise Ninja Standard”  and it can reduce noise regardless of the depth of field.

Bibble also works well with curves and levels. Other features like vignette removal, automatic geometric and chromatic aberration corrections also make it trustworthy and recommendable.

2. Powerful Workflow

Bibble offers simultaneous browse and search options for various image data as well as the possibility to visualize one or more images at a time. This program saves the edit history and sorts images by various attributes. It is also the only program with an incorporated RAW-level plug-in interface.

3. Multitasking and Storage

It is now easy to browse through multiple image catalogs and work with all available images at once.