3 Benefits of Zoomify

Zoomify is an easy to use image zooming and panning plug-in. Zoomify is designed to work with ImageFolio Pro 4.x or ImageFolio Commerce 4.x or greater. Basically, Zoomify allows for interactive zooming and panning of any image, map, drawing or PDF document that you have on your website. Here are three benefits of Zoomify:

1. Instant Display

One of the best benefits of Zoomify is the fact that it creates thumbnails for any photo that you have on your website. All of the thumbnails are based on a simple and consistent naming convention, which makes them easy to create. People who are viewing your website are able to instantly view the thumbnails without having to download the image itself.

2. No Redundant Downloads

Web hosting is not cheap, which means you want to preserve as much of your bandwidth as possible. Zoomify ensures that image data is never delivered twice. Zoomify has a caching feature that ensures that when someone views an image on your website, the image will automatically be available again without having to download the image from your server again.

3. Smallest Possible Downloads

There are programs out that there are similar to Zoomify. However, most of the programs will display your photos or other content with a thumbnail and a link to download the content in full view. The downside to simply having a link is that the person must download all content to see the content in full screen, which is a waste of bandwidth. Zoomify allows people to view content in full screen before downloading it, which will save you bandwidth because most people won't have to download the content after viewing it in full screen.