2 Reasons to Install Private Photo Album

The Private Photo Album is a smart little piece of software that encrypts your photo albums so you can take them with you on the move. It simply places all the selected photographs in a single executable file. This file is then protected by a password that has a super strong 256-bit encryption. What really makes this software great is that you can take along on a USB drive and keep the protected pictures with you at all times.

Following are a few of the many reasons to why you should install this program on your computer.

1. Hide Photos From Unwanted People

If you want to keep your photos protected, then the Private Photo Album is the right tool for you. It will keep your photos safe from curious eyes and from computer hackers.

2. Portability

If you prefer to carry your private moments with you but are afraid of losing them, you can simply create a private album on a USB drive and protect it with a password. It’s that simple. All you need to do now is carry the USB drive with you and plug it in a computer and enter the password to access the pictures. You can do this on any computer without worrying about leaving any traces of your activity and pictures.