2 Reasons to Buy Active WebCam

Active WebCam is a type of computer software used to capture imagery files--from up to 30 fps--off of any type of video mechanism, such as USB devices, non-digital cameras, television boards, video recorders and cameras used by network IPs. Here are two reasons to buy Active WebCam:

1. Protect Your Home or Office through Surveillance

Through the use of Active WebCam’s software, you never have to worry about your home or office, as you can use your camera to monitor the occurrences in these locations. The cameras can be set to view your kids, your house, your dog or anything you want. The program also has a motion detector setting that can be used to set off an alarm if anyone breaks into your home or office. Using this tool, you will be able to see any and everything that happens in real time, thus making it a great protection tool.

2. Record and Broadcast at the Same Time

Using this software, you can record and broadcast at the same time from multiple cameras and stream it online. The software lets you watch your monitoring camera at another location, even if there is a firewall in use. The service works seamlessly through the Active WebCam server using a high speed connection. Since the program has its own server through the WebCam website, you can watch and play back recorded files. All this can be done using any type of Internet browser.

All in all, Active WebCam is a very useful program that allows users to benefit in many ways through its unique features.