2 Key Features of PhotoShine

PhotoShine is a software program you can use to create a collage made from your own images using them to create special pages from templates included in the program, such as magazine covers, cartoons, etc. Here are some of the features of this program.

1. Hundreds of Templates

You can make your projects using the more than 700 included templates with nine different themes. The themes are baby, girl, love, dream, board, magazine, frame, cloth  and other. Any of these can be used with your own images to make a fun or interesting project.

2. Easy to Use

This is not a hard program to learn to use. Just pick one of the 700 examples and load your images into it. Then, all you have to do is work with your images to create the finished project you desire. You can do photo editing or resizing from within the templates so you get the exact look that you want. Everything can be accessed from the toolbar, which has icons for each of the functions you can use to create your projects.

All in all, PhotoShine is a photo software program that lets you make special pages and projects using your images to create awesome looks such as putting yourself into a magazine cover or making a cartoon out of your child with a special background.