2 Key Features of Photo Collage Studio

Photo Collage Studio is a computer software program that lets users make photo collages and digital photo scrapbooks, fun cards you can send your friends and relatives, calendars with your photos on top, and hundreds of other fun projects that star your very own image files. Here are some of its features:

1. Manyy Themes and Templates to use

This versatile program features more than 300 different themes to choose from. Some of these include weddings, family, children, the holidays, and more that you can use as wallpaper or otherwise individualize and use to make a photo album, card, etc. If you don’t see one you like, then use the program to make your own from scratch.

2. Photos can be Customized

Users can change their image files using special effects editing tools within the program. Some of these effects include masks, frames, doodle writing, cartoons, clipart, old-fashioned paper, and other creations. You can crop, rotate, flip or otherwise manipulate your images anyway you like, to put them into your cards, calendars, albums and other projects.

The Photo Collage Studio program is a great way to make gifts for your friends and relatives using photos of favorite vacations, their wedding, or other event to make an extra special album, card or calendar.