2 Key Features of MagMyPic

MagMyPic is a software program for the computer that lets you make your friends and relatives look like they are famous by putting them on the cover of a fake magazine cover or make them into a funny cartoon. Here are a few of the features of the program:

1. Make Magazine Cover

This funny and creative way of making a magazine cover out of your pictures is absolutely free. Just choose a photo, upload it to the MagMyPic website and choose the magazine cover you want to use. These cute covers make great gifts for family and friends for birthdays, etc. You can not only make covers, but also posters, photo albums, and wallpaper.

2. Share the Finished Product Online

After you create your magazine cover, you can post it online at Facebook, Twitter or other online websites, or you can simply email it or put it on your own blog or personal website to share. You can also go online and get ideas for making other covers, plus enter contests to see who has the best and most creative covers. If you win, you get yours featured in a special gallery.

All in all, MagMyPic is a fun and versatile program that is sure to give you some laughs, win you some praise and thrill your friends and relatives when you star them in their very own magazine cover.