2 Key Features of Instant Photo Effects

Instant Photo Effects is a computer software digital-darkroom style program used to modify images using the thousands of examples and templates of exciting photo special effects. Anything you can do in a darkroom, this program can probably do it for you digitally. Here are some of its features:

1. Create Fun Effects

Instant Photo Effects software lets you pick from numerous picture frames, such as grass and gilt, and it offers templates to make your photo look like a stamp, greeting card, movie poster and lots, lots more. It’s simple to use: just drag and drop your image into the template you want to use and it instantly converts your photo into that style and design.

2. Turn your Photo into a Work of Art

Besides putting your photos into templates, you can also turn them into what looks like famous works of art by using some of the special effects included. Some of the choices include impressionist, water colors, pastel drawings, murals, posters, and even make your favorite photo into a jigsaw puzzle.

Instant Photo Effects software is fun for the whole family and can be used to liven up a party or make a special present for the holidays or someone’s birthday or just pass the time away using old photos and see what you can create.