2 Key Features of Frame Photo Editor

Frame Photo Editor is a simple to use, photo editing program used to edit or decorate image files, blend two or more photos together into one, add professional touches to your photos, add titles, cartoons, or captions or several other special effects. Here are some of the main features of the program.

1. Easy to Use with Many Special Effects

Users just have to take one of their own images and then insert clipart, thought bubbles, words, or comments using one of the available templates. The photo can be virtually framed with many different styles to choose from. Nearly all of the actions are done simply with a click and a point of your mouse; there are no complicated steps or procedures.

2. Lets you use Online and offline features

Your edited photo creations can be easily emailed, uploaded to a website, or otherwise shared online with your friends and relatives. Or, you can choose to use it as your computer’s background wallpaper, or simply give it to someone as a gift. If you run out of ideas, just download some of the additional templates online.

All in all, Frame Photo Editor is a fun and easy program that will give you lots of pleasure, plus help you make interesting presents to give to all your friends and relatives.