2 Great Features of the DxO FilmPack

DxO is a film simulation program which can be found online as a complementary software program for Adobe Photoshop or as a standalone program for those who wish to create and enhance their film photos and images. It is available at a reasonable price at $99, which is a rather normal and affordable price for the average user. Price is one of its key features, but the program boasts a number of great capabilities that make it stand out.

1. Easy to Use

DxO features a basic window where all the settings can be customized and altered according to the specific needs of the user, who can open a preview window and have a 100% view or a zoom to fit view. The interface of the program is quite easy, allowing the non savvy user to navigate and learn it relatively easily. The main settings are all grouped in four main tabs at the right hand lower screen.

2. Tweakable Settings

The greatest advantage of the DxO when used with other programs is that all settings are tweakable; that means that if you prefer the colors provided in the Film Pack, but you do not like the grain, you can still use the color you like but choose another grain from another emulsion. There are 28 emulsions in DxO, including the most popular and commonly used films, such as Kodak, Fuji and more.