10 Most Useful Photoshop Plugins

Photoshop plugins add new and exciting features to Photoshop and make certain processes much easier. Photoshop is the image editing tool of choice for many people, and is one of the most powerful image editors out there. This article will look at some of the most useful photoshop plugins and how they can be used to make Photoshop even more useful.

1. Background Remover

Background remover is a useful plugin, which can cut the background away from an image. This makes it possible to create a white space image which is very useful for use on the Internet and in promotional material. Although it is possible to remove the background manually, this plugin will make removing the backgrounds even easier.

This plugin is available in multiple languages including Chinese, English, Japanese and French. Background remover will really simplify the process of removing a background and extracting elements from a picture. A free demo version of this plugin is available, although this will place a watermark on your image.

2. Photozoom Professional

Photozoom professional makes it possible to enlarge certain parts of an image without distorting and affecting the quality of the picture.

3. Colorworks

Colorworks can be used to add interesting color effects to any picture which will help to turn it into something that's completely unique.

4. FocusFixer

FocusFixer is a useful plugin which can be used to sharpen any image no matter how blurred it is. This filter is very easy to apply and can make fixing images very easy.

5. Filter Forge

Filter Forge makes it possible to apply a wide range of different filters to your images. The plugin is designed to simplify the process of creating your own filters. There is also a library of user submitted filters, which is a very easy way of applying all sorts of different and interesting filters.

6. Auto FX Mosaic

Auto FX Mosaic is a useful filter which can be used to make any photo look like a high quality mosaic. A large number of different colors and shades of tiles are available which make the mosaics photo realistic.

7. Eye Candy 6

Eye Candy is a collection of several different filters which are designed to make various tasks much easier. This includes logo and website design assistance.

8. Bokeh

This plugin allows you to make it look like your photo was taken with a wide range of different expensive types of lenses. This means that anyone can take these photos regardless of the equipment they currently have. These will make your photos look much more professional.

9. Image Doctor

With Image Doctor, it's possible to remove various blemishes and problems with your photos. This also features a skin softening filter. Image Doctor makes it possible to quickly restore old and aged photos with ease. Although this is possible in Photoshop without any plugins, Image Doctor really does make this much simpler.

10. Grunge Brushes

The Grunge Brushes plugin is a selection of brushes which are compatible with Photoshop 7 and newer. These are modern, dirty and grunge style brushes which are extremely popular and a fantastic feature.

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