10 Fun Fonts in Label Factory

Label factory is an excellent piece of software that can produce all different types of labels. There are thousands of templates to choose from, as well as many clip art objects and fonts. These templates make it quick and easy to produce professional and fun looking labels for all of your needs. You can create name tags for a meeting, label all of your jars, create address labels and much more. Choose some fun fonts to match the occasion and get creative. Fun fonts tend to be comical and are very dynamic, and some of these include:

1. Pepita

This is a very playful font that uses different sloping on the letters. It is stylistically similar to certain types of calligraphy. This is fun, but also very elegant.

2. Zeitgeist Craving Paving

This is a truly interesting font, as the letters are all different sizes and other shapes are used to make up the height difference. It actually almost looks like an optical illusion. This is a memorable font and may take a moment or two to discern what is written.

3. Jing Jing

Jing Jing fonts are reminiscent of letters being made of bamboo. The strokes are thicker with breaks. Each line slightly overlaps for a very stylistically unique font. It is fun, but also very easy to read. This is particularly good for bold faced text or headings.

4. Gill Floriated

This is quite unique in that what occurs are that the letters are outlined and not filled in. The actual style of the text is similar to etchings. This uses only capital letters and looks quite elegant for headings and important words.

5. Dujour

Dujour is a fun and very fat font. The holes and spaces in the letters are quite small while the lines are very fat. This type of font is an art deco redesign of fonts from the 1930s. In particular, this font was created specifically to enhance posters but can also be quite effective on labels.

6. Curlz

Curlz fonts put add curlicues to the ends of each letters. This is a very playful font and is particularly good for birthdays and holidays. The letters are quite thin, so a larger size is best when using it.

7. Creepy

This font is perfect for Halloween themed labels, as the letters are cut off and dripping. Use the color red and create font that looks like blood. Readers will look twice when using this font.

8. Zupiter

Zupiter font is hand drawn and is a weird font, as it is a bit geometric. The angular and zany lines will set all text and graphics on its side.  Many people think that the text appears to bounce right off of the label.

9. Topstitch

Topstitch looks just like its name. The words are present, but it looks like a machine has hand sewn them. There are many breaks within the line, which resembles hand top stitching. This font is very playful and works very well for craft labels.

10. Snowballs

Snowballs looks like there is snow on top of the letters. Use this font for winter events and to get readers into the holiday spirit. The dots on these are actually small stars.