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How to Blur Photos with Online Photo Editing

When you need to blur a photograph quickly, these days you don't even need to purchase software. Online photo editing can be fast and easy and -- my favorite part -- free. This article will provide...[more]

Photography Tips: Pictarine offers a new way to organize and share photos

Most people who like taking pictures and sharing them online eventually find themselves with accounts on more than one service. You might use Flickr or Picasa to host the bulk of your photos but also occasionally upload pictures directly...[more]

5 Awesome Android Apps for Shutterbugs

Okay, Android Fans, it's your turn.  We recently talked about the iPhone and the iPad, but not every Steve's Fan prays at the Apple Altar (you know, that other, lesser known Steve). I've heard your pleas...[more]

7 ways to manage your digital photo collection

Nobody wants to have a photo collection that looks like an annex of the National Archives run amok. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to imagine that your spectacular zoo animal photos are neatly organized when, in fact,...[more]

3 Key Features of Premiere Elements 9

Premiere Elements 9 is a state of the art video editing program that is made by Adobe Systems. You can use this program to create polished movies instantly that you can share with your...[more]

Avoiding Overexposure in Digital Photography

Overexposure can quite easily destroy an otherwise perfect photo. If you want to salvage these photos, then you will need to learn how to avoid the problem of overexposure by using white balance. By...[more]

Camera Raw: Using the Curve Tab

Camera Raw is an Adobe Photoshop CS5 plug-in that allows you to access and use your RAW images. It supports different formats by the leading camera manufacturers. This plug-in features a Curves feature, which...[more]

Camera Raw: Adjusting White Balance

When working with camera RAW files, it's possible to make a range of adjustments. It's quite simple to adjust the white balance of photos to make them look much better. Even the most professional...[more]

Camera Raw: Leveling and Cropping

Camera Raw is a Photoshop plug-in that allows you to manipulate your raw image. A raw image is any image with little to no manipulation done to it. It is similar to the negatives...[more]

What Does a DNG Converter Do?

The DNG Converter is an Adobe product that helps you store the raw files created by your digital camera. DNG stands for Digital Negative, which is a type of public archival format for these...[more]

Bridge Software: Ranking RAW and JPEGs

Adobe Bridge Software can be used to easily manage all of your digital photos. This makes it very easy to find the images that you are searching for. Because of this, it is simple...[more]

How to Sort Images in Bridge

When using Adobe Bridge, it is possible to rotate and sort images. This makes it very easy to manage your photographs in a single application. The interface is very easy to use which will...[more]

Adobe Bridge: Sizing Thumbnails

Adobe Bridge is sophisticated media management software that provides easy access to all your assets from a centralized location. The software is available with the standalone applications of CS5 and also with Creative Suite...[more]

4 Reasons to Use Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge CS5 is a useful software package for any professional photographer. This software makes it very easy to organize and manage all of your photos. This makes it very easy for you to...[more]

3 Key Features of Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is an easy to use media manager. You can use this program to quickly and easily access all of your media files. Adobe Bridge is compatible with many other Adobe programs, including...[more]

NetCamCenter IP Camera Software: An Overview

This overview of IP Camera Software will look at the purpose of the software and the prices that NetCamCenter charges for its products. The hardware that the software needs to run effectively will also...[more]

Win Image Converter: An Overview

Win Image Converter from Pearl Mountain Software is a program for converting image files to various formats and also for making various adjustments to enhance the images. The batch processing feature helps you save...[more]

Photo Frame Master: An Overview

Frame Master is a software that allows you to create photo frames and enhance photographs. It has a number of features that will be discussed in this article. Frames This is one of the...[more]

3 Key Features of Picture Collage Maker

Picture Collage Maker, which is made by Pearl Mountain, is a program that you can easily use to create professional photo collages. This program comes with hundreds of different collage templates that you can...[more]

Picture Collage Maker: An Overview

Picture Collage Maker from Pearl Mountain is Windows software for creating scrapbooks, calendars, posters, cards and digital collages. The software is simple to use and the creation process can be completed fast with a...[more]

3 Key Features of ImageConverter Plus

Converting an image to another format, and saving and sending it online has never been easier than with the ImageConverter Plus editing software. It’s so easy to purchase, download and use that users definitely...[more]

EtinySoft Magic Morph: FAQs

EtinySoft Magic Morph is an easy to use morphing and warping program. This program is compatible with Windows operating systems only. This guideline will provide you with answers to a few of the most...[more]

Facemorpher: An Overview

Facemorpher from Luxand Technology is software for morphing faces. The software is fully automated, which means there is no need for defining control points. The automatic morphing process recognizes the facial parts which need...[more]

NetCamCenter IP Camera Software: Reasons to Use

This piece of IP Camera Software is marketed by NetCamCenter and provides software compatible with singe channel Window WDM devices including USB cameras. The software is available in free trials, allowing you to check...[more]

NetCamCenter IP Camera Software: Key Features

IP Camera Software is a piece of application software marketed by NetCamCenter and offers software compatible with USB cameras and other singe channel Window WDM devices. NetCamCenter offers free trials of the software, allowing...[more]

Play With Pictures: What To Do with Your Cut Outs

  It’s easy to manipulate and edit your photos on Play With Pictures, and creating layers and cut outs of other images also give you the same flexibility. This very user-friendly, no-frills program allows...[more]

SuccessWare FAQs

Successware is an unique accounting software program designed specifically for photography studios. Using an actual accounting and managerial system designed by the former president of the Professional Photographers of America, Charles Haynes, it allows...[more]

Why Download 2 Pic?

2 Pic, which is made by Moor Software, is an easy to use image editor. 2 Pic comes with many image editing tools that will help you create unique photos with ease. 2 Pic...[more]

Primasoft Photo Organizer Plus: FAQs

Photo Organizer Plus makes it easy to organize and share your digital photographs. This ensures that you don't risk losing any of your precious memories by accidentally misplacing them. This article will look at...[more]

Primasoft Photo Organizer Plus: Key Features

Primasoft Photo Organizer Plus helps in organizing and displaying data in a very efficient manner. This then makes it very easy to access information whenever it is needed. This information can also be accessed...[more]

Primasoft Photo Organizer Plus: An Overview

Primasoft Photo Organizer Plus is primarily software that is aimed for Windows users. It helps you to manage and create digital photos, pictures and graphic catalogs. It also has an interface that is very...[more]

An Overall Look at Image Comparer

Image Comparer from Bolide Software is a program for finding duplicate image files. It is the ideal solution when you have a large photo collection and need to find all the duplicate photos which...[more]

Six Key Features of Photo Collector

There are 6 Key Features of Photo Collector that have made this photo editing software very effective and efficient in organizing digital photos. It is essentially a photograph organizer that has a number of...[more]

An Overall Look at Photo Collector

Photo Collector can be used to organise and keep track of all your photographs. This makes the software ideal for use by professional photographers who want to catalog all of their photos. By using...[more]

ImTOO Photo DVD Maker: An Overall Look

The ImToo Photo DVD Maker provides one of the easiest solutions to directly convert and then move your entire photo collection to a DVD in a movie format. This software allows you to first...[more]

iPCamEYE Surveillance Camera Software: FAQs

iPCamEYE is a useful piece of surveillance camera software which can be used to keep an eye on your office or home. IPCamEYE features many different tools which can be used to secure your...[more]

Surveillance Manager: Reasons to Buy

With the constant need to feel and be secure in the homestead, people are trusting the Surveillance Manager to perform better than other leading competitors. More people are convinced of this program’s usefulness, and...[more]

4 Effects Found on Camera FX

Camera FX is an iPhone application that allows quick modifications and enhancements on photos in the phone’s memory. There are various effects that can be utilized. The list below features some of the most...[more]

Why Upgrade Your CamFrog?

CamFrog is a chat program that allows users of the online community to interact and build a friendly and same-minded roster of contacts. The company has been promoting CamFrog Pro to users for some...[more]

3 Awesome Features of Play with Pictures

Play with Pictures is a user-friendly program that beginning photographers and editors can use to store, enhance and share media. For its valuable applications, Play with Pictures is more cost-effective than other competitive editor...[more]

Web Gallery Builder: Applying the Features

Web Gallery Builder is a great digital photo album software program that can create websites that showcase your photos. You can set the interface with different album settings and make things easier and fun...[more]

3 Cool Ways to Use TimeLapse

TimeLapse is an iPhone app that simulates the video technique that shares it's name. The timelapse effect is achieved when a camera is placed in a locked position and a frame is recorded at...[more]

3 Key Features of FunPhotoBox

FunPhotoBox is a place online where photographers can share pictures and use editing tools to create interesting and intriguing creations. There are many different options to choose from. All you have to do is...[more]

4 Great Features of Digital Gem

Digital Gem is a software program that is used as an additon to the Adobe Photoshop program and is used to make corrections and improvements to images. Here are some of its great features:...[more]

4 FAQS about AndreaMosaic Photo Mosaic Software

AndreaMosaic Photo Mosaic Software is a program that you can download for free which creates mosaic images of your photos. It takes your photos and arranges them into tiles for mosaics. Simply choose the...[more]

3 New Features of PhotoZoom Pro 3

The PhotoZoom Pro 3 is a software program that enlarges images without diminishing the photo fidelity and quality. It uses its patented S-Spline interpolation technology to maintain much of the images’ integrity that can...[more]

Team Photographers: Using Digital Darkroom's Assembly Edition

There are many team photographers who choose to work together in a group to complete projects, putting up exhibits and even maintaining a website. Most are part of one photography company, although they usually...[more]

Sport Photographers: Using Digital Darkroom's Assembly Edition

Sports photographers require specific photography equipment and software for their work. It’s hard enough to travel with their camera, wait for the perfect shot and look for a place to setup, but they also...[more]

3 Ways Astrophotography Software Improves Planetary Images

There are several astrophotography software programs that have been developed to improve planetary images. The software makes the images of planets more vivid and clear, giving a better idea of how these heavenly bodies...[more]

Web Gallery Builder: Great Features

Web Gallery Builder is a program that can easily make websites that can display your photos. You also don’t need to know how to work with HTML in order to make this program work....[more]

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